Title:  Proof

Author:  Jordyn Redwood

Pages:  307

Year:  2012

Publisher:  Kregel

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Wow!  What a great book!  Author Jordyn Redwood has created an edge-of-your-seat suspense thriller.  This is her first novel, and it is a winner.  There is action, suspense, mystery, and even a little bit of romance in her story.  She has developed detailed characters in this work of fiction.  The storytelling is seamless and captivating.

Lilly is an ER doctor, who is estranged from her father and her mother has been dead for several years.  Kadin is an ob-gyn, who is her friend, but he wants their relationship to be more.  Kadin is a Christian and Lilly is not.  This is what has kept them from taking their relationship beyond friendship.  Dana is a neurosurgeon, and Lilly’s best friend.  She is also a Christian.  They all work together at the same hospital.

Lilly is very protective of her patients.  One of her patient’s is pregnant as the result of a rape.  She is on her way to give her statement to the detective in charge of the case, Nathan Long, when she is in a car accident and is taken to the ER where Lilly treats her.  Will she survive?  What about her baby?  The detective wants to question the patient, but she is nonresponsive.  Is there a link between this patient and other women who have been raped?

As the investigation proceeds, Lilly becomes intricately involved.  She has her two best friends praying for her, but she doesn’t think it will do any good.  She questions why God would let these crimes be committed.  She doesn’t understand the love a God could have and send his Son to die for her.  As the action continues, she has to leave her job and investigate on her own.  The suspect has committed the same type of crime over and over.  Nathan believes her, but has no proof to arrest the suspect.  Lilly takes off to find the proof before the suspect strikes again.  But the suspect will do anything to keep Lilly from finding out the truth.

I couldn’t put the book down, reading it in one day.  This was my first novel read from this author, but it won’t be the last.  I can’t wait for the next story in this exciting trilogy.  This is one book you won’t want to miss reading.  It is one for your “keeper” shelf.

My rating is 5 stars.



Hide and Seek






Title:  Hide and Seek

Author:  Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky

Pages:  400

Year:  2012

Publisher:  B & H Publishers

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A couple of years ago my sons were watching a movie called Blackhawk Down.  Military movies and novels are one of the genres of literature I enjoy, so when I was given an opportunity to read this work of fiction, I answered the call.  What I didn’t know then was that the author of this novel and the movie mentioned above have something in common; I’ll let you read the back of the novel to find out.

The movie has foul language, but this book is about a character whose faith is shown for what it really is on the battlefield.  J. J. becomes team leader after the boss of the team has to step down because of injuries sustained on a mission.  Now two of the team members have to be replaced and are experienced, but not familiar with how J.J.’s team works as unit.  Due to the crisis of the country, they are in.  Their unit is about to be tested under fire so there’s no time for practice.

Amelia works in the embassy of a foreign country and meeting with the President’s daughter for lunch.  The American base is going to be evacuated because other countries are offering this country more money for rent.  The economy in which the base is located needs the rent money to jump start its country life.  What happens after Amelia meets with the President’s daughter is an attempted abduction in which Amelia intervenes to save the President’s daughter’s life.  In the course of events that follow, there is a much greater evil lurking in the shadows.  Who is behind the abduction attempt and setting off riots to usurp the elected power?

Tess has just learned she is going to have twins.  She is married to J.J. and works as a military professor.  Her work allows her to be in the loop of information, but there are times she doesn’t want to be.  J.J.’s brother is a chaplain in the army, who now believes he has to help the family with what is believed to be the loss of the entire team.  The general’s aide feels there is more going on than what is being aired on TV.  The U. S. President can’t risk sending in another team to recover the downed team, but what does the FBI find when they review the video of where the team was supposed to go down?

In this short review, I have barely scratched the surface of the action that takes place.  It is a high energy, mind-reeling adventure that is written in such a way that you might forget you are reading it and not living it.  You’ll keep turning the pages in order to uncover the deeper plot that begins to surface as the special team goes into an area where it isn’t supposed to go.  You can learn more about the author of this novel, and his other writings at  Grab a copy and enjoy the fast-paced, high octane adventure!

My rating is 5 stars.

A Guest reviews A Prayer for the Devil


Title:  A Prayer for the Devil

Author:  Dale Allan                                                                                                                           

Pages:  314

Year:  2013

Publisher:   Emerald Book Company

                Dale Allan has written a fantastic political thriller!  There is mystery, suspense, intrigue and action included in this captivating story.  The setting is Boston, Massachusetts, present day.  We see the themes of family love and loyalty, protectiveness of family, dedication to the God and the truth as well as generosity to those less fortunate to mention just a few.

                Luke Miller is a priest, who loves his job and gets great satisfaction out of helping others.  Growing up, he and his brother were raised Jewish per his father’s wishes.  His mother, however, remained Catholic.  As high school ended, Luke had a scholarship for a full-ride to play baseball in college.  At this point, he decided to go to seminary instead, creating a huge rift in his relationship with his father.  They didn’t speak for years, but have now gotten to the point in their relationship where they can at least be civil to one another.  Luke’s relationship with his brother, Aaron, has also been contentious due to a business deal gone awry and they haven’t spoken in a year.  Aaron is a lawyer for a prestigious law firm, makes lots of money, and unbeknownst to Luke, going to run for the senate.

                As Luke finishes mass one day, he receives the devastating news that his brother, who was working on the campaign of the leading politician to be the next president, has been killed.  While making a speech, the presidential candidate and his campaign staff are on stage and someone sets off a bomb.  What follows is Luke’s investigation and attempt to find the perpetrators.   Will Luke be able to remain steadfast in his faith?  He incorporates various people to help him find the truth such as a computer savvy priest, a hacker, two homeless men, a former drug addict, and a Muslim woman.  Luke also struggles with his increasing anger and rage over what happened.  He didn’t get a chance to mend the rift with his brother.  Can Luke find the murderers?  Or will he reach a dead end and have to give up?  Who could possibly want to kill these people?  Why?

                I could not put this book down.  Great writing and continuous action keep the pages turning quickly.  This is one you definitely will not want to miss.  Kudos to Dale Allan for an outstanding and entertaining work of fiction!

                My rating is 5 stars.

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A Prayer for the Devil


Title:  A Prayer for the Devil

Author:  Dale Allan                                                                  

Pages:  320

Year:  2012

Publisher:  Emerald Books

     When I first heard about this novel, my interest was piqued because of the title.  Where was the author going to take a reader with a book that includes prayer and devil in the title?  Perhaps you too have looked at a novel picture, title or author and whatever you conclude decides whether you will read the book or keep looking for something else.  I read a couple of reviews and decided to go to author’s website to read more about the author as well as the book.  Deciding to contact the author and inquire about the contents of his book, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a direct answer from the author himself.  Then, having interacted with the author via email, I proceeded to risk reading his debut novel.  What I didn’t expect was one of the best novels I have read by an author that is new to me.

     A Prayer for the Devil is a novel that really defies any one particular genre.  There are multiple themes, stories, locations, cultures, characters, and more included.  There is a flavor of mystery, suspense, thriller, and more as well.  Inside the multifaceted story is murder both at an individual level as well as national level.  A nation with certain philosophies desires to destroy another nation for many reasons that come to the surface the farther one reads.  Characters that live for selfish gain as well as those who would lay down their lives for a complete stranger are portrayed.  In some cases, it is based on just being part of the human race.

     Religious affiliation, national governments’ philosophies, and freedom come into play as a plan from the past has now come into fruition.  During a political speech for the presidential race, a bomb from the past explodes and causes the death of key figures.  As a result many lives are irrevocably changed and not all for the better because for some there is no closure.  Luke’s twin brother is one of the casualties.  Suddenly this priest finds himself temporarily changing vocations.  Luke is no longer an unknown priest serving parishioners; he now has decided to find out who murdered his brother.

     Luke, however, has no idea how this one decision is going to change the life of his parents, sister-in-law, nieces, and countless others.  The local detectives have run into a dead end in their investigation, and now it has become a matter for the FBI to handle.  Though the investigation doesn’t stop with the FBI, it becomes necessary to involve the Vatican and their protective services.  There are homeless people who offer clues as to what they witness, even though what was seen in the past has some link to the current tragedy.  Would you even believe that baseball has a part in the resolution of the plot?



     There is so much more to what Dale Allen wrote in what I can describe as an imaginative, peculiar, and illusive spiel.  Many times you will locate well known places or climaxes that only continue to lead down paths to discovering who has means, knowledge, purposes, and reasons.  The priest goes from Boston to Dubai to locate and hopefully conclude what he considers his sole purpose:  Find the mastermind who killed his brother.  Yet, just as the priest is about to get the answer that has driven his life for months, revelation for both Luke and the nation will be more than anyone can even imagine.

     The author is currently writing more fiction that I hope proves to be just as captivating as A Prayer for the Devil.  Don’t pass this one up!  There are a few swear words and no sexual content or innuendos at all.

     My rating is 5+ stars!

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At the Feet of Jesus


Title:  At the Feet of Jesus

Author:  Joanna Weaver                                                         

Pages:  400

Year:  2012

Publisher:  WaterBrook Press

        As we approach the year 2013, most people are beginning to anticipate the holidays, celebrations or maybe really glad 2012 is over.  I have experienced both the joy of looking forward to a new year for several reasons, and glad that we are nearing the end of 2012.  We all have perhaps high hopes and expectations as January 1st approaches.  Usually by the end of a year, there are some who are glad to see what lays ahead without any sadness at seeing time pass.  Are you someone who contemplates another New Year’s Resolution or are you one who avoids making one?

        I don’t know where New Year Resolutions started or even why because it seems like we set ourselves up for failure when we break it shortly after making it.  So for the few years I haven’t made any resolutions, I make a daily resolution.  I take one step at a time, one day at a time.  My overall goal is like Paul’s, to run my race well, finish it and not quit.  How do you view your faith?  When you hear the word “devotions” what do you feel, think or do?

        Perhaps as we look at coming to the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, maybe we need a change of perspective or a change of heart?  Joanna Weaver encourages women to choose time with the Lord over other demands we feel before we even get out of bed.  Her devotional is inviting us to learn to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to Him before we go charging out to do our tasks.  Each day’s devotion gives us a segment from one of her other books, then a portion of Scripture to read with a question or idea at the end.  Included at the back of the book is a Bible reading plan for a year, along with ideas for how to get more from studying the Word.

        Regardless of what daily profession women have, there is a God who is calling us to Himself.  We might have to learn how to surrender those minutes to Him before doing life, but the choice is ours.  God knows us better than we know ourselves; He knows every part of our life.  We can choose to let Him love on us, lead us, guide us, care for us, and more each day or not.  There is so much more to be gained than humans can ever understand.

        One reason we might avoid sitting down with the Lord, is because we see Him in our mind’s eye standing there ready to condemn us.  What if He is sitting there, longing to hear your heart’s cry, your daily concerns and then gives you what you need most, Himself?  Could it be that we don’t make time alone with the Lord because we feel like failures and assume He sees us that way too?  Instead, see Him sitting on a chair or sofa, with His arms open and inviting you to hear what He wants to say or show you.  Listen to his invitation to come, leave your troubles with Him and His Spirit will renew you as you go from your time with Him with a lighter heart. 

        At the Feet of Jesus is a tool that will encourage you to read the Bible, hear what He is saying and express your heart to Him.  Grab your Bible, pen, notebook, and the devotional.  Make time to do the one thing you really desire to do, sit at the feet of Jesus.

        My rating is 5 stars.

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at

Meet Author Dale Allan


I saw on your website a link where readers can learn something about you personally,   Is there something not written there that you would like to share with your audience?

To expand on the website narrative, one single tragic event has influenced my writing more than any other: when I was 12 years old my father was murdered.  What I did a few weeks before his death would have profound impact on my life.  With my father away on a prolonged business trip, I sent him a letter.

I still remember sitting at the rickety wooden desk in the corner of my cluttered room and struggling to write three pages long hand – it seemed to take forever.  Excited and proud of my accomplishment, I convinced my mother to give me a stamp and I ran several blocks to the mailbox to mail it.

After my father’s death, my uncle called our house and specifically asked to talk with me.  He told me that my dad must have read my letter as least fifty times – it seemed like whenever they weren’t busy working, he was reading and rereading the note.  When he was buried with my hand written letter in his pocket, I truly understood the power of writing.

With the first novel under your belt, how are the other novels shown on your website progressing?

My next book, working title It Could Happen To You, has already been completed and will be published next.  It weaves an exciting and suspenseful tale about a Good Samaritan who is unexpectedly thrust into the national spotlight after a chance encounter with diplomat’s criminal son.   My third novel is well-underway, with about twenty five chapters already completed, and is going to be a real page-turner!

What is the heart and passion of your writing, the reason you do what you do?

As mentioned above, I learned the power of writing at a young age.  I’ve read a lot of novels, so I’m motivated to create interesting story lines that are unique and haven’t been used before.  While writing, I actually see the events of my books unfolding in my mind’s eye, similar to watching a movie.  When I’m “in the zone,” I’m engrossed in the plot right along with the characters, feeling and experiencing the same things they are – sometimes even leaving me breathless!  This is both emotionally draining and rewarding.  Writing is my passion, something I feel I’ve been meant to do!

Who do you think or of envision reading your book?  Is there a specific audience you are trying to reach out too?

My goal is to keep anyone who enjoys reading fiction entertained and immersed in the book so that they don’t want to stop reading.  I also want the reader to learn something interesting from the story; that’s why I pride myself on doing extensive research in order to use facts and figures to support the plot.  If I can transport the reader to another time and place while they’re reading on a cold rainy night or during a day on the beach, I’ve accomplished my goal.

Was there a particular event or thought that caused you to begin writing and keeps you writing?

Certainly, my young letter to my father before his death had an impact.  Also, during freshman year of college, I had to take a creative writing class…once our first assignment was graded, my professor asked me to see her after class.  Assuming this only meant bad news, I waited in trepidation for what seemed like an eternity.  However, when we finally met, she seriously encouraged me to think about a career in writing; I will never forget her encouraging words!  So, like many other people, a great teacher had a tremendous impact on my life.  At this point, there’s nothing I enjoy more than starting with a seed of a story line and growing it into a compelling novel!

Is there anyone or any place that fuels your passion for writing?

Yes, sitting in the family room of my house with my feet up, my computer on my lap, and the television on.  I don’t know why, but this works best for me.  I often write late at night.

Who are some of the authors you follow?

I enjoy reading novels with creative and interesting plots…. Nelson Demille, John Grisham, and Dan Brown come to mind.  I also like some of James Patterson’s older works.  I recently had a reader send me a note commenting that A Prayer For The Devil, was “Better than Patterson”…that was an great compliment!

What are some of you favorite books to read? Why?

Any Demille book, especially the ones with the John Corey character – I enjoy his writing style and wit.  Most Patterson novels keep me turning pages as fast as I can.  Dan Brown’s Angels and Demon’s was a masterpiece – the amount of detail and insight into the Vatican was impressive.

Are there any genres you don’t particularly enjoy?

Not really from a genres standpoint, but I don’t like when any writer uses excessively graphic descriptions of violence or unwarranted profanity to get a point across.  In my novels, I try to keep the violence at a distance and profanity to a minimum, if I use it at all.

One last question, if you could put your whole life, every facet of included into a summary statement that when others read it gives them a glimpse of who you are what would that statements look like? 

Follow your passion with patience and persistence, always remembering that with God, all things are possible!




Night Flight






Title:  Night Flight

Author:  Diane & David Munson

Pages:  224

Year:  2012

Publishers:  Micah House Media

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988

Guest reviewer:  Tim Johnson


The story starts out with this girl and her father driving home from grocery shopping. The girl is 16-year-old Glenna Rider.  She and her brother Gregg and their family have adopted an old dog named Blaze.  They soon discover that he’s a retired search dog for Homeland Security; trained to smell out money being smuggled for drug cartels and other crime or terrorist organizations. When Blaze sniffs out illegal money in a warehouse, the Rider kids alert authorities, who then arrest the criminals.  As the trial is being scheduled, the Rider family visits Florida to spend Christmas with Glenna and Gregg’s grandparents.  While they are there, a friend named Mason develops a type of cancer called leukemia and needs a bone transplant at a cost of $200,000.  In order to raise the money, Glenna, Gregg, and Blaze work together to catch criminals to receive rewards and fund Mason’s surgery.  Many interesting things happen during their adventures such as meeting a homeless girl named Krystal whose mother is suspected of being kidnapped and sold off to Columbians.  Glenna and the Rider family are praying for God to help Mason and Krystal. Will God answer their prayers?  Will the Rider kids learn what type of work their father does?

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.

Main characters:  Glenna Rider, 16-year-old girl learning how to drive.  She gets anxious unless Blaze is with her.  She likes having adventures and has great faith in God, always praying to Him and thanking Him for His blessings.

Gregg Rider, 13-year-old boy whose hobby is to look for valuable metal objects with a metal detector he named Klondike.  Like his sister, he likes having adventures. He runs like crazy when really mean people threaten him.  He believes in God, but doesn’t pray to Him much.

Julia Rider, mother of Glenna and Gregg.  She worries a lot about her kids and husband getting into dangerous situations, but she loves them very much.

Bo Rider, father of Glenna and Gregg Rider and husband to Julia Rider.  He’s away from his family a lot in the story, working a mysterious job that takes him to places far from home.  His kids suspect he is a spy working for the government.

Sheryl and “Buck”, aka Grandma and Grandpa, are grandparents to Glenna and Gregg and mother and father to Julia.  They love their family very much and like to spend a lot of time with them.

Mason Lockridge, the friend who develops leukemia.  He’s a football player and surfs a lot on the internet.

Eva Montanna, ICE agent and mother of two kids, Kaley and Andy. She is a friend to the Riders and arrests criminals printing illegal money.

Krystal, homeless child abandoned by her mother who is addicted to cocaine and crack (illegal drugs).  She’s brought in to live with the Riders temporarily, and she helps them catch the criminals she believes are responsible for selling her mother to Columbians and selling drugs.

The authors:

Diane and David Munson are a married, Ex-Fed team who have written several adult, family, and suspense thriller books that are pretty much based on the type of work that they did when they were federal agents.  David worked for the NCIS and DEA, and Diane worked as an attorney and Federal prosecutor as well as serving in the U. S. Department of Justice.  They currently travel a lot and write stories as well as thank God for the many blessings of family and friends He has given them.

I liked the story and highly recommend it because it shows what people do when working for Federal agencies such as the FBI to protect our country and its citizens.  I liked the story also because it shows, in my opinion, what God can do for Federal agents like the authors who put great faith in Him like when they ask Him to bring them home to their families and keep their country safe.  Of course, not everyone comes home like that; many have paid the ultimate price for our country’s freedom.  Because of that, I’m proud of them and I thank God for giving them the courage and dedication to make such sacrifices for our country and their loved ones.  My thanks also goes to the operatives currently working for the CIA, FBI, DEA, and all other crime and terrorist-fighting organizations.  Amen and may God keep you safe.