Certain Jeopardy


Title:  Certain Jeopardy

Author:  Captain Jeff Struecker with Alton Gansky

Pages:  381

Year:  2009

Publisher:  B&H Publishing Group

My rating is 5 stars.

Sgt. Major Eric Moyer is in charge of a six-man team of Special Operative soldiers who are sent on a mission to stop a nuclear scientist from being transported to Iran at all costs.  Upon arriving in-country in Venezuela, they soon discover their mission to be more complicated than they originally thought.  They travel undercover as businessmen so as to thwart some of the crooked people in the government who have kidnapped the nuclear scientist.

Eric and his team put their plan into action, but encounter obstacle after obstacle.  Each time they seem to have a problem solved, another arises to take its’ place.  With boots on the ground, the team meets the bad guys head on with guns blazing!  There are car chases, gun fights, helicopters and submarines that kept the story moving at a quick pace.  Readers will read about these elite soldiers in action and the difficult decisions they must make.  They keep their mission goal constantly in mind, and their loyalty never falters.

I don’t know much about the military, but I do know a great book when I read one!  This story has suspense; lots of tension-filled, action-packed scenes to keep readers turning pages from page one until the end!  The soldiers in this story will stop at nothing to accomplish their mission and are loyal to their fellow soldiers and the United States at the cost of their lives.  Even though they are serving their country, they still have the same struggles of everyday life at home.  I liked that touch as it made these men realistic.  Thank you to those who serve our country or who have served our country by putting their lives on the line day in and day out to keep our country safe.  I can’t wait to read Blaze of Glory to see what the next mission is for these men of valor!

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